Being Perfect is Perfect or Myth

I will never be perfect, But I can be better. This is Motivation of my life

Ever since childhood we all might have come across and gone through the long checklist of being perfect set by parents, in-laws, neighbors, schools, corporate, society and the entire globe. In-fact, I have strongly believed in those checklists and always wanted to get ticked in all the ones that were set up for me.

From being a class topper , to having excelled in every section of extracurricular activities and having multiple job options after college, I was in the green zone in every sphere and trust me I was used as an example like how Mukesh Ambani and Sachin Tendulkar are being used by society aunties.

In short, I wanted to be Miss Perfect! Who would not want to be??

My brilliant mind used to ask me – “what is it to be perfect in life or have a perfect life?”  whereas my stupid heart used to ask me – “Are you happy?” My life was perfect, but I was not happy! How could I be perfect and sad at the same time? That was the time when something had stuck my mind and heart.


Maybe my life was perfect as per all the rule book and as per all the laws of life but by the law of a very normal human heart my life was not perfect and internally, I was not happy. I sat down, and started thinking of all the wonderful things which I missed out in my life and made a list of all the possible things which would make me imperfectly very happy.

Race for what

In this world of human race, we at times do not understand what we actually want. We should never ignore ourselves and learn to understand our own feelings in the very first place only then we can go for other things in life. In this world of routine life, many of us occupy ourselves with so many responsibilities, work, and all other worldly pressure that we forget what can make us happy. We try to stay happy by pleasing our family and society.

We do something whereas we want to do something else. Our mind says something, and our heart says something else. It is not necessary to always be correct.

Sometimes we should just let go of things, do what our heart says and relax. We should never follow the crowd blindly or take decisions based on other’s point of view.




Only we can know what we want and so before taking an important step instead of asking the whole world what is correct, we should just lock ourselves in a room and ask ourselves first what we exactly want. Once in life we should always take risks and stand for ourselves because we have got just one life and very limited time in it (what if you become a cat in the next birth! :d).

Being happy is much more important than being perfect. Crazy stories are always more interesting to be shared and remembered than few perfect achievements. I feel between heart and mind we should always follow heart first because when the heart is at peace the mind works faster.


Whenever in confusion we should just toss a coin. The moment the coin gets raised in air our heart skips a beat wishing for a particular side of the coin and that is exactly what we want. Everyone should maintain one “Happily Imperfect list” and fulfill all their wishes which makes them feel happy internally. Because a life not lived for yourself at least once, is not worth living.

“ Jio toh aise jio ki khud ko khud ki nazar lag jaye”.

P.S: A great person once said “At times being wrong is just the right thing. “ . That great person was me 😊!!

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