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If you resist change, you resist life. Sadhguru

How many of us like changes? This is a question which you should answer to yourself. For those professionals, who are working hard but are not growing in their career. One reason can be resistance to change. Get out of the comfort zone & be ready for changes. The change should start from yourself. Be the Change you want to see.

Here is one movie which I love most “Ratatouille”. This movie gives you so many learnings. One of the best dialogue from movie about change.

“Django(rat), the father says to Remy(rat), “You can’t change nature.”  to which Remy responds: “Change is nature.”

Such a true quote. Isn’t it?

If you want something in life you’ve never had, you’ll have to do something you’ve never done. As simple as this truth is, we too often ignore it. We want things to change and come to us. We complaint “Why can’t things be different?” rather than “How do I have to change?” We engage in wish fulfillment, longing for our desires and goals to be wondrously realized rather than planning and acting on how to achieve them. We sit on the shore hoping for our ship to come in rather than diving into the surf, struggling past the waves, and swimming out, grasping it, and climbing aboard. To be different or to achieve different outcomes, we have to ask ourselves different questions and act in ways we have not done before. Rather than dream, we need to wake up. You can sit and repent about the things which you haven’t achieved or you can be the part of that change and try to achieve the goal.

It’s a simple and beautiful reminder that — whether we like it or not — the world is constantly changing. We can either stick to our old ways while the world evolves around us — or we can be a part of, and positively influence, that change.    Radpavar

Remember Jack Ma. He didn’t know anything about computers at one point of time and today he owns one of the biggest E-Commerce business. He was rejected 30times in the interviews. He didn’t give up. But instead went to US to learn computers. He accepted the Change & all of us know where is he right now.

The essence of physical existence is change. The only constant in this universe is Change. You are resisting life if you resisting change.

Don’t curse change. Rather embrace it. Here are some reasons as why should you embrace change:

  • Change shows your strengths:

Till the time you are not ready to change, most of the things you will just assume. Once you are accepting changes, you will know your real strengths.

  • Appreciate Failure & Enjoy Success:

Embracing change allows you to be okay with change, whether it be negative or positive. Some of us can avoid change even if it’s positive change and it involves success. Success anxiety is a very real thing.

Many of us can feel more relaxed with less responsibility and less success because we are comfortable with how things are now. Success can be scary and uncomfortable. When we learn to accept change, we can enjoy the success and good things that come with change and stop self-sabotaging.

  • Personal Growth:

If you are not embracing changes and just stick to where you are, then chances are your personal growth will not be great. If you are accepting changes, going with new things, you have better chances of personal growth

  • Flexibility:

Frequent changes make you easily adapt to new situations, new environments, and new people. As a result, you do not freak out when something unexpectedly shifts.

  • Changes make you more compassionate:

When you become “too comfortable” in your own situation, it can be much more difficult to understand what others might be going through. Change reminds you to be kind when you’re considering the choices other people may make.


Watch this video from Sadhguru.


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Many of us don't appreciate change, this blog will give some insight about changes & why we should embrace changes
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