Life-Dying to Live

Life is way beyond imagination & reality is way beyond expectation.

Are you living just to earn? If so, don’t do that. Every living thing will do something for survival. 

We are Humans and have some better power than animals and that differentiates us from them. But if we are wasting it just to earn and not doing the things that we really care for, we are wasting it for nothing. Simply, Create the things that really matter.

Understand, your Life will become tiring if you just spend your lifetime on earning. Don’t Die to Live. Anyways you will die, if you live. But create something which you really care for. You will not be alive forever, even if you earn huge money. 

Though earning is important, don’t make your life tiring. If you do things which you really care for, it may be physically exhausting, then Life will be never tiring, as you are constantly doing things which matter to you.

If you are working for a limited time(8 to 10yrs) for security, that is fine. But working your whole life for security, you are seeking death because death is only a secure thing(don’t you agree).   Life is never secure. You are trying to live while unknowingly working for death.  



Do what matters

Live totally today and if you fall dead tomorrow, it’s okay. At least you lived for one day completely, throwing your life out.

You know what is killing you, it is not your schedule, but you are so preoccupied in your head and that is really killing you. Ofcourse, we need to work for survival, so survival should be addressed quickly. And if you are putting your whole life just for survival, then you are already dead with a living body.

Work for things which really matter and don’t be dead now. Time will come when you will die and that will be smooth. Just question yourself, do you want to die peacefully or stressful. 

Of Course everyone would want a peaceful life and death. Don’t die before dying. Now is the time to start living(if you are not already). Stop living for death.

Everything around you is so beautiful (isn’t it). If you can’t see beauty in everything around you, if you can’t be pleasant, then surely you have to stop working for survival/earning and start living for what you really care about.

Inside us, we really know what we want to do, what is that we care about, what is that which makes us happy. And trust me it is not just money. Money can never buy you happiness. It is you and what you do can make you happy from inside.

What are you so afraid of

Live totally today and if you fall dead tomorrow out of exhaustion, it’s okay. At least you lived for one day completely, throwing your life out. If you don’t live like this, you will never know life. What are you holding it back for? If you hold it, it won’t stay with you; that is the nature of life.

This is not a material substance that you can lock and keep. If you lock it, it will die. Please live. Don’t store for future lives.

Stay Healthy and Happy




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