Management lessons from Movies

Management lessons are We have read many blogs where movies have given us many lessons. Here I am with some Management lessons from Movie Bahubali- the biggest hits of all time for Indian cinema. Movie was liked all over the world with the best direction/screenplay/effects/animations etc. Acting from all the actors was phenomenal. Lots of people have taken management/corporate lessons from the movie in their own way, which is awesome.

Don’t even remember how many times I have watched the movie. With some thoughts already in my mind, I was watching this movie & I started linking the movie to our corporate life. Many will agree and many will disagree.

Lesson 1

Management lesson 1 is about character Bhallaladeva. Never believe anyone in the corporate world. Simply never make friends at work, keep a pure professional relationship while in office (this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make office colleagues friends, just keep that purely non-official).

Bahubali was blindly trusting Shivgami Devi & Bhallaladeva, a result we all know. This can happen to you if you are trusting your colleagues blindly. You will be left behind.



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