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This blog is a travel guide to Budapest. First place of my life to visit outside India & it was beautiful & motivating. Starting from Delhi and reaching Budapest via Moscow was an amazing experience with almost 5hours of wait time at Moscow airport.

Travelled by Aeroflot Airlines to save some bucks 😉

Travel Guide to Budapest- Szerelem

Delhi to Moscow flight lasted almost 6.30 Hrs and Moscow to Budapest another 2.40 Hrs. Tiring flight journey but exciting first travel outside India. What better you will have, when you have a lovely person to receive at Budapest Airport.

Jet lag 😉

Everyone says about jet lag & even my friend advised me to rest, but I was excited like hell & went out straight away. Budapest is the first choice for Bachelor’s parties (for European countries).

Cheaper than other European countries makes it also one of the now growing tourist destinations. Next time you are planning for a European trip, don’t forget to include Budapest to your list.

Nice people, great weather, freshness in air, you will notice when you first land in Budapest (just choose the right month 😉 ).

Anyways, I started right away the day I reached Budapest and went to Buda Castle at evening time, it looked beautiful.

Keep reading this travel guide to Budapest for a closer look of the place.

Listing down some places to visit in Budapest:

Sightseeing in & around Budapest

Buda Castle

Address: 1014 Budapest, Szent György tér 2

Official site:

Towering over the Danube, Castle Hill contains many of Budapest’s most important medieval monuments and museums. The most spectacular of these impressive structures is the 18th-century Buda Castle, a massive 200-room palace that replaced a 13th-century castle built to protect the stronghold from Mongol and Tartar attacks.

In the south wing, the Budapest History Museum occupies four floors.

In front of the castle overlooking the Danube stands a bronze equestrian statue of Prince Eugene of Savoy, a hero of Turkish attacks on the city.

Castle Hill is worth exploring for its medieval lanes and its Romanesque, Gothic, and Baroque architecture.

This entire historic complex is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Like much of the city, Buda Castle is lightened at night, and the castle courtyards remain open 24 hours a day.

You can reach the castle on the restored historic Castle Funicular Railway, which departs from the Buda end of the Chain Bridge.

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Heroes’ Square

The impressive Heroes’ Square (Hosök tere) was largely the work of architect Albert Schickedanz, who was also responsible for the huge Museum of Fine Arts that flanks this large open space.

Highlights include the Millennium Monument, a 36-meter column crowned by a figure of the Archangel Gabriel and unveiled in the late 19th century.

Around the plinth can be seen a group of bronze horsemen representing the conquering Magyar Prince Árpád and six of his fellow warriors. At either side of the central column are two matching colonnades, which depict a variety of other historical Hungarian figures.

The impressive buildings at either side of the square are art galleries. Take care when crossing to the statue, because traffic around the monument can be erratic.


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Margaret Island

Margaret Island (Margitsziget), barely 2.4 kilometers long and 503 meters wide is Budapest’s main recreation and soothing center for most locals.

Thermal spring-fed medicinal baths, carefully tended gardens and paths, as well as the ruins of many historic buildings all serve to attract many daily visitors.

A highlight of any visit is the Palatinus Baths, a huge spa complex that covers more than 17 acres and includes a bath with artificial waves, together with various medicinal, swimming, and children’s pools capable of  up to 20,000 bathers at a time.

Other island highlights are the pretty Rose Garden (Rózsakert); the Union Monument, a metal sculpture by István Kiss (1972) in the form of a flower; ruins of the Dominican convent, once home to Princess Margaret, the daughter of King Béla IV; the 51-meter water-tower, built in 1911, with its excellent viewing platform; and a large open-air theater.


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Danube Promenade

This stretch of the Danube walkway goes from the Elizabeth Bridge to the Chain Bridge, and is perfect for those who want a short, but interesting walk. Promenading along the Danube is a great way to see many of the most famous sights in the capital.

Looking over towards the Buda side of the river, you will see the Buda Castle, the Liberty Statue on Gellert Hill and the Fisherman’s Bastion. On the Promenade side of the river you can enjoy restaurants, cafes, Szechenyi Istvan Square and a range of different sculptures, including the Little Princess.


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St. Stephen’s Basilica

This basilica is one of the most important religious buildings in Hungary, and visitors to the reliquary can see the (reported) right hand of Stephen, first King of Hungary. As this is a holy site, visitors who plan on entering the church are asked to keep their knees and shoulders covered.

Those with a head for heights can travel up to the base of the dome and look out over the city. On a clear day, this is a great vantage point from which to survey Budapest from the air.

Classical music concerts and organ concerts regularly take place inside the Basilica, and sometimes spill out into the square outside.


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Gellért Hill

Another of Budapest’s most striking features is the panoramic Gellért Hill, a 235-meter block of dolomite that falls steeply down to the Danube. It’s here along the hill’s topography fault line that several of the city’s most famous medicinal springs emerge to supply the Gellért Spa and Rudas Baths, which have lured visitors from far and wide since the 13th century.

Rudas Baths are one of a handful of buildings remaining from the Turkish occupation; these are among the few original Turkish bathhouses in the world still in use that date back to the 1600s.

On the hill’s northeast slope is the Gellért Monument, a tribute to Hungary’s beloved famous saint, a Benedictine monk who died in 1046 for whom the hill is named. Perched high above a man-made waterfall, it offers magnificent views over the city.

The Citadel on the summit was built by the Austrians in 1851, and the Liberation Monument was erected in 1947 in memory of the Soviet soldiers who died fighting in WWII.

Finally, if you have energy left, take a stroll around Jubilee Park. Laid out to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the October Revolution, it’s home to many charming walkways, beautiful flower beds, and sculptures. Just across Freedom Bridge from the Gellért Spa is the Great Market Hall, a beautiful sight with its roof of colorful Zsolnay tiles from Pécs, Hungary.


Address: Szentháromság tér 2, Budapest

Official site:

Matthias Church, also known as The Church of Our Lady, is a prominent landmark on Castle Hill. It was completed in 1269, and the magnificent south doorway, with its relief depicting the Death of Mary, was added in the 1300s.

In the Turkish occupation (1541-1699), it was used as a mosque and later renovated in the Baroque style.

It has been the scene of several historic events, including the coronation of King Charles I of Hungary in 1309 and the coronation of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria and his consort Elisabeth ((Sissy) as rulers of Hungary. It was for this event that Franz Liszt composed his coronation mass. There are free organ concerts here on Sunday evenings.


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These are some sightseeing in Budapest. Apart from this Budapest also offers a very happening night life with many pubs and restaurants, where you can spend some quality time. There are many places apart from others which you can explore.

Do visit Budapest once. This is the place where I would love to move apart from India. As Hungary is a now a growing economy with many MNC’s starting there so English is also spoken in Budapest and we can see people of many ethnicity there. Last place I visited In Budapest was Ruin Pub.

Ruin Pubs

Budapest is famous for its “ruin pubs”, in which shabby-chic is the order of the day. The best ruin pubs are set up in sprawling, deserted buildings, which have been filled with comfortable, but slightly worn out furniture.

Each pub has its own unique style, so you will often find visitors referring to their favorite pub as “the one with the…”.

Popular ruin pubs include Instant (“the one with the crazy animal pictures”), Fogas Ház (“the one with the teeth”), Kuplung (“the one with the whale”) and Szimpla.


Ruin Pub Budapest trip


Waving a goodbye to a lovely friend & a beautiful City is never easy. Journey ended and I left with the amazing things for my memory. Return journey was even more tiring as all excitement was over and the waiting time for flight at Moscow was even more.

But flying over mountains covered with snow felt amazing.

Below are some random pics from lovely Budapest which is motivating in itself. Hope you liked my travel guide to Budapest.


Budspest city


Budapest trip


Budapest trip


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