Women Empowerment & Motivation- The Misconception

There is no tool for development more effective than the empowerment of women

It’s been years that everyone is so much intrigued with the words “Women Empowerment.” One should give women the equal cerebral opportunity, hikes as per their caliber, bla bla bla.

Sorry, it’s just too much. We have no idea about ground realities and we are busy confronting each other about becoming a CEO or a manager. Especially when half of the girls give up education just because their families think of them as liabilities.

Healthy family Life-a factor in Women Empowerment

Another half who get a chance to do something often find themselves choosing safe jobs like teaching (although that’s a noble job).

But I am talking about the idea that they choose it because of the luxury of having time available since after marriage who knows what kind of in-laws they have. Would they be allowed to sit for late hours?


woman empowerment

Well, that’s the case even with parents too. If a girl puts in extra hours to her work, it becomes a nightmare for them.

We need to understand that women empowerment is about giving girls the freedom to learn, develop new skills, and do what she desires, not what she is supposed to do. It’s about making them independent so that they are capable of making their decisions. Also to make them strong enough to take care of themselves without a need of a man (unless it’s her choice).

It’s about making them physically and mentally strong to take on the world and pursue their dreams without any preconceived notions.

If we can do that, every woman, working or not, would be empowered.


women empowerment


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