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I got a chance to travel outside India and visited some places in Europe(Thanks to my Friend from Hungary). Out of places, Budapest was one of the places I loved. Beautiful Landscape, nice people( some old Russian times metros too). I visited Budapest in March month and was lucky enough as there was a carnival going on in one of the artistic village Szentendre.

Szentendre artist village

Szentendre is a riverside town in Pest county, Hungary, near the capital city Budapest. It is known for its museums (most notably the Open-Air Ethnographic Museum), galleries, and artists.

Due to its historic architecture and easy rail and river access, it has become a popular destination for tourists staying in Budapest. There are many facilities, including souvenir shops and restaurants, catering to these visitors.

Best/easy way is to travel by Train and it takes 45 to 55 min to reach the village. Here I am sharing some pics taken there.

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Szentendre Village, Budapest Hungary. Trip details
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Szentendre Village, Budapest Hungary. Trip details
Visit this blog to have a glimpse of one of the beautiful places in Budapest Hungary. Szentendre Village.
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