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Do you tend to take life just a little too seriously? Do you make mountains out of molehills? Just maybe you allow unnecessary worries to get the better of you.

Life can certainly get quite serious at times. It’s not always fun and games. Bad stuff happens to the best of people, and we need to handle these things like mature adults, right?

Yes, of course, there’s a lot of truth to this, but often, you probably tend to go a little overboard, and subsequently turn small inconveniences into huge disasters.

Do you think that making problems larger than life actually helps? Do you think it makes things any better? It certainly makes us worry more. And is that really very helpful? Is it helpful to worry about things unnecessarily?

Yes, there is a time and place when it’s important to take things seriously. These are times that involve compassion, empathy, and introspection. However, most situations we find ourselves in are actually not worth fussing over. In fact, they are perfect opportunities for taking a lighthearted approach to living.

Now, of course, making a commitment to not taking life too seriously ain’t easy. It’s actually damn hard because our worries make us feel very uncomfortable. Furthermore, we tend not to enjoy uncertainty very much. In fact, it’s uncertainty that actually makes us feel uncomfortable. And it’s this uncertainty that forces us to take life just a little too seriously.

When we take life too seriously, we effectively close ourselves off to potential opportunities that could come our way.


by Adam Sicinski

One of the best video I have seen by Sadhguru. Must watch


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  1. Don’t take life seriously

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      Yes never take life seriously, just enjoy moment

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