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Has anyone taught you this. Ah! By “this” I mean to accept rejections? Yes and No are part of our life. Sometimes you get the desired result and sometimes you don’t. How do you face both?

It is obvious, we are very happy, when we get the result we wanted & are sad when we don’t get the desired result. It happens, when someone says no to us (on any aspect), most of the times, we can’t accept that rejection and either overthink that or take steps which are not good for anyone(specially to ourself).

How many times have you been rejected from an INTERVIEW.  Do you quit applying for another job interview? We might have heard of many people who have been rejected from many jobs, still they created something which no one might have expected.

One of the best example, the person who I really like and follow Jack Ma(Co-Founder Alibaba).  Do you know Jack was rejected from 30 job interviews & today everyone in the world knows what Jack Ma created and is now one of the most successful person of the world. If he would have taken all the “No’s/Rejections” in negative way, Alibaba would have never been created. Believe in your potential and you will be successful one day.

Watch out this small video of Jack Ma which will surely inspire you.

Jack Ma Inspirational Speech

“Never give up. Today is difficult, tomorrow is much more difficult, the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, but most die tomorrow evening” Jack Ma


Some ways to handle Rejections:

  • Take some time to get over the rejection

Whether you are rejected in a job, or in a relationship or your idea is rejected at work, being upset about that is very normal human emotion. Best way to overcome the rejection is to not overthink of what happened. Just relax, take a day off from your schedule and go for a walk. Relax your mind and engage yourself in the things you love.

  • Talk to some trusted person

Talk to someone (parents/teacher/friend) who you feel comfortable sharing and confident of getting good advice. This way, you release what is inside you and surely will make your heart light. You will surely get some good advice from the trusted person. Don’t discuss the things as complain, rather discuss as a light discussion.

  • Accept things

The early you accept rejection, easier, it will be for you to move on over that. E.g if  you are rejected from an interview, don’t overthink about that and move on to next one. You never know, what you will create one day.

  • Don’t take rejections personally

Rejections are part of life. If you have made mind, that you will never get rejected in life, you need to change that. Whenever you get rejected, never take that personally. Rejection is not your fault. So just let it go and move on.

Watch this another video from Jack Ma and think if your rejection was worst that his and think if it is worth overthinking.

Jack Ma’s Rejections and his rise

How to handle Rejection
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How to handle Rejection
Never give up if you are rejected. Keep trying and you will succeed one day. Read this blog for how to handle rejections and how you can achieve success.
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